Stephen Andrews: Aftermath

full book design
Client: McMichael Canadian Art Collection
Artist: Stephen Andrews
Authors: Sarah Milroy, Jacob Korczynski, Atom Egoyan
This book was developed to accompany Stephen Andrews’ 2018 show at the McMichael. Using crayon rubbings on parchment, Andrews recreates photos posted online by soldiers during wartime. These trophy photos are rarely seen by the public, so by using a 4-colour newspaper printing rosette to recreate full colours, Andrews suggests that they are newsworthy.

Alexandra Cousins at the McMichael conceived the unique book structure: this is actually three paperback books bound into one hardcover book composed of the show catalogue (with accompanying essays and interviews) and two flip books that recreate a few seconds of Andrews’ animated works. My design echoes the CMYK rosettes in rules, headers, etc., and as an added touch, the exposed spines (to reflect the process of creating art) sport magenta thread.