Gladstone Press

full book design
This new publishing venture is my own baby. I’ve started publishing reissues of classic novels but packaged in a clean, contemporary fashion that isn’t relying on historical references to sell the book. This curated list of titles has been designed for collectors and design afficionados – those who want to own a great-looking copy of Wuthering Heights to replace their tattered secondhand copy from school, for example, as well as those who have been intimidated by the historically-tinged designs they see in stores.

Bright colours, clean typography, and easy-to-read typsetting, along with small flourishes such as printed inside covers and a matte finish. Each spine includes a quote from the book for a bit of reading material to whet the appetite while browsing your bookshelf.

Shown here is the second (and latest) design iteration that was released in fall 2018.